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Material manufacturing base

        Jiangmen Keheng and Yingde Keheng are currently our two major lithium ion battery cathode material production bases, located in Jianghai High-tech Zone of Jiangmen City and Huaqiao Industrial Park of Qingyuan City. To ensure the best product quality, all bases use fully automated closed production lines and an adapted management system.

       Among them, Yingde Keheng New Energy Industry Base plans to use five hundred acres of land and the annual output is 50,000 tons. The first phase of the project was completed and put into production in 2017.

  • Jiangmen KanHoo
  • Yingde KanHoo

Fully automated closed production line

  • Data online recording and control system

  • Automatic feeding station

  • Automatic compounding system

  • Automatic loading and conveying

  • Atmosphere roller furnace

  • Crushing system

  • Uniform mixing system

  • Magnetic substance control system

Intelligent equipment base

       The Haoneng Technology Shenzhen factory is currently the main base for the intelligent equipment of lithium-ion battery front-end, with complete machining, CNC, abrasive forming equipment, etc.; to ensure product quality consistency. 

       KanHoo founded Jiangsu KanHoo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and plans to invest 3 billion yuan to build KanHoo Intelligent industrial park of new energy lithium battery in 2019. The project mainly rely on existing intelligent equipment for LIB industry and then cathode materials for LIB industry. The overall planning land area is 400 mu, and it is expected to officially come into use in 2021.

  • Haoneng Technology
  • Jiangsu KanHoo

Mechanical and sheet metal processing equipment

  • Large laser cutting machine

  • Three-dimensional tester

  • Precision surface grinder

  • Large CNC bending machine

  • Large gantry CNC

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